Software development

From the preliminary concept through research, development, modification and maintenance – we manage all procedures in software development and deliver software as product or service.

Business intelligence implementation service

Working together with you we can make your business operations more effective.

Service encompasses all aspects of data management, data warehousing, reporting and analytics. It is provided by our business intelligence consultant and business intelligence architect, working together with you and our implementation team in order to create infrastructure, processes and best practices for warehousing, integrating, reporting and analyzing.

This kind of service gives you an insight into forces influencing your digital strategy and provides established practices you can leverage when (re)designing your business.


We also offer web shop design, development and maintenance in accordance with the most advanced technical and marketing demands.
Our web shops are high level presentation and sales solutions fully integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP). Product publishing and administration is significantly shorter with our web shops, saving your time and raising the efficiency of your product sales in general.
Fast and stable, our web shops are flawless in web environment, enabling the most adequate functioning, design, order options and payment ways for your customers.
Our web shop solutions are suitable for small and medium companies planning to sell their products online and increase their profit, companies with existing web shops aiming for better and faster application, as well as for start-up companies eager to show they mean business.

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