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CubePlayer is the flagship of Business Insights Suite. It is a Windows desktop application rich with analysis features tailored for power users who need to have independent access to information and create and distribute reports to others. CubePlayer enables access to aggregated and detailed data at the same time. It allows users to make their own calculations and use MDX to write their own queries.
CubePlayer makes it easy for power users to share their knowledge with peers and others across the business, helping to foster the culture of data and collaboration.

From the technical perspective, CubePlayer is an OLAP client that runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms and works with Microsoft Analysis Services. Its configurable document based user interface with docking windows is easy to use and logical.


CubePlayer supports multiple connections to analytical databases and local cubes, one-click reports with linked parameters, various display modes, drag & drop interface, export to various formats (Excel and SSRS included), dashboards with innovative features like set operations (AND/OR/XOR) on its panels, built-in analyses, exception highlighting, advanced query designer (pivot), advanced MDX editor with Intellisense and MDX behind (view MDX for any object as it changes – live), drillthrough, actions and KPIs, user defined members/sets (built-in and various modes of creating new ones) and much much more in its intuitive and flexible working environment.


All tables, graphs and dashboards are live and support right-click functions for drilling (down, up, through – in many variants), isolation or removal of members, ordering members/hierachies on axis, generating sets from results, predefined measure templates, unions, differences, etc. Much of its functions allow tuple generation for slicing purposes (i.e. TopCount’s third argument), a feature much needed in data analysis. Search for members by name or property will be extremely useful when dealing with time dimension or large dimensions in general. Graphs and tables can have predefined or user defined styles (bar, line, stacked, font sizes, colors, etc.), which are also included when performing export into Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, each query or designer object can have rich text comment that helps in multiuser environment. In such environment file based repository can be organized through CubePlayer, where end users share their member/set definitions, styles and reports. Many of its features are obtained on click or through the wizards.

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