Business Insights Portal

Business Insights Portal is an independent reporting web portal that runs on Microsoft Internet Information Services. It is made for people who usually utilize prepared reports, but occasionally require instant in-depth knowledge on current subject. Portal can be deployed in intranet or published to internet with excellent security settings for each user.
Its economic licensing enables larger organizations to distribute data expertise across the business.

Portal consists of three distinct sections: ViewerDesigner and Editor.

Viewer allows you to work with various types of your data representation, including dynamic and static reports. It also features dashboards, enabling you to work with multiple reports side-by-side in a single, customizable window. It uses the same data formats as other products in our Business Insights Suite, including CubePlayer and Business Insights 2.

Each report can be represented in a form of a table, a chart or both. You can use reports created in CubePlayer (or Business Insights 2) in their original form, and you can alter them by adding dimensions and measures to them or by changing parameters. You can choose from a number of chart types, including (but not limited to) bars, pie, lines or area. And with the use of measure pair dialog you can visually compare values from different measures in a single chart.

Designer enables you to easily build reports from scratch by using simple and intuitive drag-and-drop technique. Thus you can add elements of your analysis (such as levels, members or measures) directly to your rows, columns or filter. Powerful MDX functions can be easily applied to your elements. Resulting reports can, in the same manner as in the Viewer, be presented in a form of a table, a chart or both.

Editor allows you to work directly with MDX code. If you prefer coding your report or if you are just curious about how your report looks „under the hood“, the Editor will do the job.