Business Insights 2

Business Insights 2 is a modern BI Windows desktop application simplified to accommodate people who utilize data to set goals and verify how others are aligned to those goals.
Visual designer and MDX editor in Business Insights 2 have a large set of OLAP analysis and reporting functionality that is otherwise required to be written by professionals in MDX language. Business Insights 2 supports multiple connections to various analytical databases and local cubes, one-click reports with or without linked parameters, various display modes, drag&drop interface, export to various formats (Excel and SSRS included). It also contains dashboards with innovative features.
Its licensing is especially suitable when implementing BI solutions in closed intranets.


  • Visual query creation (queries are created by dragging and dropping items from the cube to rows, columns or the filter list)
  • No programming skills required. (Application generates the MDX queries based on items in rows, columns and filter lists)
  • Results of queries can be displayed as tables, charts or mini-charts
  • For users with IT knowledge queries can be entered in the form of MDX commands
  • Reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel